Betenbough Homes renews their partnership with Homes for HOPE!

Since first launching their partnership with Homes for HOPE back in 2014, Betenbough Homes has impacted countless families as we strive together to alleviate global poverty in all its forms – material, social, personal, and spiritual.

Kingdom at Work – Business that honors God!

“Business is like a team sport, once a play is called you must commit to it, if someone on the team isn’t onboard, the play will fail.”
Kerry Ritchie | President, Alcove Farms. Authentic unity never happens by accident. It requires an active style of leadership that welcomes a diversity of opinions, approaches and ideas. In this video, Kerry Ritchie, President of Alcove Farms, shares what he has learned about this topic in his years of leadership with Betenbough Companies.

Betenbough Experiences HOPE in the Bateyes

Last week, I went with Betenbough Homes and a group of their trades and employees to see the work of Esperanza International, HOPE International’s partner in the Dominican Republic. We got the opportunity to meet several of Esperanza’s incredible clients in two Bateyes just north of La Ramona.

Bloom where You’re Planted

Betenbough Homes has been so inspired by the work God has done through their company that they have started a new blog and outreach website called Kingdom At Work in order to share all of the amazing lessons they are learning. Read the story of Betenbough Homes and the radical transformation that enabled them to touch lives everyday.

Building Hope in Joplin Missouri

  In May 2011, a catastrophic EF-5  tornado ravaged through Joplin, MO, destroying nearly 8,000  buildings and claiming the lives of more than 160 people—making it one of  the deadliest tornados to ever strike the United States. Following the disaster, Joplin...

Engaging Local Media with Betenbough Homes

Earlier this year, Homes for Hope had the chance to talk with Jeanna Roach, the marketing director at Betenbough Homes, one of Builder Magazine's top 10 fastest growing private builders in the nation. In our conversation, she helped shed some light on what it takes...

Experiencing Hope in the Dominican Republic

This past week, I had the great pleasure of venturing down to the Dominican Republic with a wonderful group of people from all over the country, including homebuilders, consultants, and a photographer. I've just got to say WOW...What a group. It's always a...

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