Betenbough Experiences HOPE in the Bateyes

Mar 23, 2017

Betenbough Homes has made it their mission to introduce all their employees as well as trades, suppliers, and manufacturers to the work of Homes for Hope by attending “Experiencing HOPE Trips” each year. If you are interested in attending a trip please let your builder know.

Last week we visited two Bateyes just north of La Ramona in the Dominican Republic. Bateyes are shanty villages typically built in the center of Sugarcane fields where the workers live with their families. We were able to meet several of Esperanza’s loan clients and attend one bank meeting.

The two Bateyes that we visited house nearly 100 families each; and as you can see, the living accommodations are not 5 star. No electricity, clean water, or indoor plumbing.

Esperanza started lending money to people living in this Batey a few years ago. Their missionary bankers started with 15 clients and they are now up to 45. Their businesses range from clothing and cooking, to farming. One client, Louisa sells eggs from her chicken “Farm in a Box”. Apparently, all you need is a small loan, four chickens, some feed, and a box. I tried to pitch her on the idea of a website but my Creole is a little rusty. LOL! Maybe next time.

She also makes peanut butter. Here she is pictured in front of her home/store. Her home is 8×10 and it houses all of her possessions including her business. Without a loan from Esperanza Louisa would not have a business that supports the needs of her community and family.

Learn more about Louisa and the other clients we met at Betenbough Homes’ next Homes for Hope project set to start in Lubbock, Texas. So far Betenbough Homes and their trade partners have built three Homes for Hope. The proceeds from the sale of those homes have helped more than six thousand families around the globe. Please join us by bringing hope to the world!

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