This past week, I had the great pleasure of venturing down to the Dominican Republic with a wonderful group of people from all over the country, including homebuilders, consultants, and a photographer. I’ve just got to say WOW…What a group. It’s always a wonderful experience getting to witness Christ-centered micro finance with such beautiful people. Collectively, this group will help 6,000 families, 30,000 people in 17 countries through Christ-centered micro finance, and that is in the next 24 months.  Not too bad for a few homebuilders, consultants, and a photographer! We also want to thank Cormen, Obed, Marisol, Teresa, Romona, and the rest of our friends from Hope DR and Esperanza International for sharing their lives and their work with us. We have witnessed the Father through your kindness and compassion. Bless you! You give us so many reasons to praise the Father!


From left to right and kind of allover: Troy & Cody Finely (black shirts) and Paula Finely (down on one knee) Betenbough Homes, West Texas. Luke Mitchell (black shirt & the coolest glasses ever), History Maker Homes, North Texas. Meagan & Beau Brooks (white shirts & all smiles) Grand Homes, North Texas. Bob and Peggy Schultz (hiding behind Obed but we caught you anyway) Bob Schultz & The New Homes Sales Specialist, Southern Florida. Paul Hyde (dark shirt between Beau and Greg) EMCON Construction, north Texas. Greg McCall (blue shirt and styling in the aviators next to Scott) McCall Homes, Montana. Scott Sedam (tan crocodile hunter hat) TrueNorth, Michigan. Danny Schmitt Jr. (yellow shirt) Ryan Homes, DC. Dan Schmitt Sr. (short guy with white shirt, all 6’7 of him) HH Hunt Homes. Gene Brown (dark blue shirts and cool shades) Atlantic Builders, Virginia. Nelson Mitchell (tan shirt hanging out in the back between Gene and I) History Maker Homes, North Texas. Yours truly Jack Nulty (blue shirt) and my wife Tammy (red shirt and navy cap). Jeff Rutt (black shirt) Keystone Custom Homes, Pennsylvania

Kneeling in front are: Jordon Brown (green shirt, Gene’s son). Gabriela Voss (blue shirts and tan pants) History Maker Homes, North Texas. Jenn Priddy (red shirt tan pants with all the cameras next to Gabriela), Jennifer Priddy Wedding Photography (the only non-builder but officially adopted in to the fold) Wilmington, NC. Erin McCall (wife & not daughter to Greg JHiding extremely well but not as well as Peggy, between Scott and Danny, white shirt) McCall Homes. Montana.

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