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In May 2011, a catastrophic EF-5  tornado ravaged through Joplin, MO, destroying nearly 8,000  buildings and claiming the lives of more than 160 people—making it one of  the deadliest tornados to ever strike the United States. Following the disaster, Joplin natives Dan Mitchell and Daman Schuber started a homebuilding company, Schuber Mitchell Homes, in association with Betenbough Homes (based in Lubbock , TX).


Earlier this year Homes for Hope entered into a partnership with Schuber Mitchell Homes to build the first Home for Hope in the state of Missouri. Homes for Hope Executive Director Jack Nulty sat down to interview Dan Mitchell from Schuber Mitchell Homes to learn more about the company’s story.


(Schuber Mitchell Homes at the groundbreaking of the first Home for Hope in the state of Missouri. Pictured L-R: Dan Mitchell, Donna Mitchell, Christian Schulz, Josh McBroom, and Jack Nulty)


Jack: So when did you start your building business?


Dan: We started in July of 2011, right after the tornado here in Joplin. There was a large F5 tornado that killed 161 people and destroyed close to 8,000 buildings.


Jack: I know that you guys work in association with Betenbough Homes in West Texas near me. How did your relationship with Betenbough Homes start, and how did it get to where it is today?


Dan: Daman Schuber and I are good friends with the Betenbough family. At the time of the tornado, we had both collaborated with Betenbough Ministries on a youth center project in Joplin called The Bridge. When our city was struck by the disaster—without calling each other—we both thought, “We need a builder in our city with integrity and a ministry mindset.” So we both called our friend Rick Betenbough separately and started the ball rolling toward finding a way to begin building back the devastated neighborhoods here.


We spent weeks together with Rick Betenbough praying and looking for build sites and working toward starting a Betenbough branch office—but the LORD led a different way. Through much prayer and the wisdom and generosity of Betenbough’s leadership team, it was decided that Betenbough Homes wanted to help start another Kingdom company. They decided to allow Daman and me the awesome privilege of learning and adopting their model in Joplin. Today, Schuber Mitchell Homes is carrying the Betenbough legacy of building affordable, quality homes and supporting the Kingdom of God while rebuilding in Joplin.


Jack: Wow! So how many homes have you built since then?


Dan: We have closed on 96 homes, and we currently have 40 homes in process right now.


Jack: You guys have grown a great deal since 2011. Do you see yourselves building 100 units a year?


Dan: That is our yearly goal for southwest Missouri. There are around 180,000 people in the MSA around Joplin with five municipalities. This year (2014), we will close on around 80 units. We hope to reach 100 units in 2015.


Jack: It definitely sounds like it to me! So, just out of curiosity, what stands out to you about Homes for Hope? Why is it attractive for you?


Dan: Homes for Hope is attractive for several reasons. We love empowering others to build businesses. Maybe this is due to how much the Betenboughs have poured into us. We love the sustainability of the model and how the donated dollars can be used over and over to start small businesses. Also, when we give, we want to give to ministries that tell the story of the Gospel.


To learn more about our partner Schuber Mitchell Homes, click this link to visit their website.


About the author:


Carson Bennett

Information Specialist, Homes for Hope



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