McCall Homes has been a faithful partner of Homes for HOPE since 2014. They have advanced HOPE’s mission in multiple ways including providing referrals, serving on the board of directors, and contributing $275,000 in support of HOPE’s work! This has enabled thousands of entrepreneurs living in underserved communities around the world to break the cycle of generational poverty in all its forms.

Marie Ndereyimana’s Story

“There is no desperate situation that God cannot take you from,” testifies Marie Ndereyimana. “I learned that God is a God of widows and orphans.” Marie has been both in her lifetime, and now God is working through her to assist both orphans and widows in her...

Alinafe’s Story: Empowered to Build

After just two years in her savings group in Malawi, Alinafe has been able to purchase land and begin building her own house. Her current home has a mud floor and a thatched roof. Now, however, she is able to buy cement and sheet metal to build a sturdier home.

Burkentine Builders Builds their first Homes for HOPE project

Burkentine Builders is proud to announce their first Homes for HOPE project! Burkentine’s success lies in its strong values and family-first philosophies. President Paul Burkentine and his family resonate with HOPE’s commitment to break the cycle of generational poverty through responsible and sustainable poverty alleviation methods.

Homes for HOPE at the Sunbelt Builders Show

Homes for HOPE is excited to announce that we will be exhibiting at the Sunbelt Builders Show, which is designed to help builders, remodelers and associates grow their businesses. The Show is the largest in Texas, drawing residential construction industry...

Rosewood Communities Kicks Off H4H #6

Rosewood Communities has faithfully partnered with HOPE since 2011, and now they are thrilled to announce the building of their 6th Home for HOPE! Located in Mauldin, South Carolina, this home will be a beautiful addition to Rosewood’s Whispering Meadows community.

Grand Homes to break ground on their 9th Homes for HOPE project

Grand Homes is pleased to announce a groundbreaking ceremony for their 9th Homes for HOPE project. The event will be held from 12:00 – 1:30 on Thursday, May 27th at the Country Club Estates in Garland, TX. Remarkably, the donation generated through this project by...

2021 Homes for HOPE Award Winner | Ana’s Story

Ana Suleika Cornelio de Alcantara had drive, passion, and a great business idea, but when she tried to grow her business, her merchandise was stolen. At one point her family was even robbed of 300,000 pesos (USD $6,000)! Ana ran a fish hatchery providing her...