Building Locally To

Fight Poverty Globally

Building Locally To Fight Poverty Globally


To accomplish our mission of fighting global poverty, we partner with the building industry in the US and Canada to complete Homes for HOPE projects


Through funds generated by Homes for HOPE projects, we support biblically based business training, savings services, and loans that restore dignity and break the cycle of poverty around the world.

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What is Homes for HOPE?

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2024 Executive Summit

Shinn Executive Summit

At the executive summit, Homes for HOPE director re-connected with partners and meet builders/service providers who had never heard of us before.

Homes for HOPE

Finding Home | Saidi’s story

BURUNDI - According to the UNHCR (the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees), 99% of the 85,200 refugees and asylum seekers living in Burundi come from the neighboring Democratic Republic of Congo (UNHCR, 2024). This was the story for Saidi Sango living in the Kavumu camp in Burundi. Life was difficult as a refugee, and resources were often scarce.

Sacrifice for Greatness- April Devotional 2024

Lebron James and J.J. Redick recently launched a podcast together called Mind the Game. It’s going to be a monster success, especially with those who love basketball. It caught my attention this week when Lebron said…
“When it comes to discipline, you have to sacrifice loved ones.”

Thanks to our Builders

Check out this amazing team of builders who are building locally to fight poverty globally.

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