Bloom where You’re Planted

Sep 13, 2016 | Betenbough Homes

We’ve all been told that faith should be more than just church on Sunday, but what does it really mean to integrate the gospel into every aspect of our lives?

How can we serve others within the spheres we have already been given through our jobs, businesses, homes, families, coworkers, and customers? Father and Son Ron and Rick Betenbough had many of the same questions when they started Betenbough Homes in 1992, and today, they have developed a model for a Christ-centered business that Homes for Hope is proud to share with its partners.

When Betenbough Homes first began, Ron Betenbough told his son “Let’s commit what we’re doing here to the Lord,” and through the processes of first fruit dedication and donating profits, they immediately felt the Lord’s blessing through expansion in their business. Today, Betenbough homes is one of the fastest growing private homebuilding companies in the U.S.

So what exactly does a Christ-centered workplace mean to them? In addition to donating much of their profits to support charities and ministries, the Lord guided them to focus on the people they work with every day as well. So they started with a public announcement to their employees that they were giving the company to God, and that they intended to follow His direction. Now Ron and Rick focus on transformation, not just for themselves, but for their employees, trade partners, and the families they serve.

Today, Betenbough Homes is an employee-owned company that involves daily outpouring into both the employees and families they work with, and to further their impact, they share their strategy for forming a Christ-centered business on their outreach website and blog, which you can read by visiting

Homes for Hope is proud to partner with Christ-centered businesses like Betenbough Homes, and we encourage you to investigate further into how to honor the Lord with your business. You can find next steps, FAQs, and discussions about tough questions on the site, as well as opportunities to sign up for their newsletter and events such as their upcoming Kingdom Business event.


“Whatever business you’re in, that’s the Lord’s business: just give him that business. Go bloom where you’re planted, and perform ministry right there.”

Ron Betenbough

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