Betenbough Homes Continues Generosity Towards Homes for HOPE

Dec 14, 2023

Betenbough Homes stands as a pillar in the building industry, recognized as a leading Texas home builder renowned for delivering quality and value in new homes across Amarillo, Lubbock, Midland, and Odessa, TX. Guided by a commitment to affordability, their seasoned team ensures customers have a memorable and enjoyable homebuying experience.  

Beyond their craftsmanship, Betenbough Homes is celebrated for their kingdom impact, exemplified by their mission statement, “BUILD. SERVE. IMPACT.” Their dedication to building through passion, vision, and hard work, combined with a focus on excellence, results in homes and communities that embody uncompromising style and promote healthy ownership. 

This commitment extends beyond construction, as Betenbough Homes actively serves others with respect and aims to positively impact lives, aligning passion and purpose in the marketplace. Their recent grant to Homes for HOPE exemplifies their dedication to making a lasting difference, with 4,000 HOPE International clients set to benefit in 2024 – individuals seeking not a handout but a hand up, armed with skills and talents.  

Homes for HOPE and HOPE International express gratitude for their continued partnership with Betenbough Homes, anticipating a lasting kingdom impact in the years ahead. 

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