Kingdom at Work – Business that honors God!

Sep 14, 2019

“Business is like a team sport, once a play is called you must commit to it, if someone on the team isn’t onboard, the play will fail.”

– Kerry Ritchie | President, Alcove Farms

“One thing I’ve noticed about those who build Homes for Hope is that they love their neighbors both hear and abroad. Take a moment to learn about Kingdom at Work, a ministry launched by my good friend and homebuilder Rick Betenbough. They are working with business owners in every sector to empower them to be the leaders God intended.” Jack Nulty, CEO Homes for Hope, and Founder of

Authentic unity never happens by accident. It requires an active style of leadership that welcomes a diversity of opinions, approaches and ideas.

In this video, Kerry Ritchie, President of Alcove Farms, shares what he has learned about this topic in his years of leadership with Betenbough Companies.

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