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Betenbough Homes #3

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Betenbough Homes #3

Betenbough Homes #2

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"It is truly a well-designed program. I think that it is beneficial, and I am proud to be a part of it."

Stan Tidwell

President, Woodmont Cabintery
"At Betenbough, I work in the purchasing department and I dealt with all of our trades and suppliers that wanted to make donations. Betenbough donated the profits that we made but it wasn’t just Betenbough. It was the trades and our mason and framers and they donated their labor and now to be here and see the people that are effect by it is just so cool."

Stacy Seefeld

VP of Purchasing, Betenbough Homes
"A H4H is encouragement for someone that is in a difficult situation. The Dominican is a poverty stricken country and in those situation things can seem hopeless. And really to me, what they are doing through Esperanza is providing opportunities for them to provide an income to sustain their families with and in the it gives encouragement." family That’s is just amazing to see God work in that way and using the funds like that

Dock Carriker

Master Builder, Betenbough Homes


Betenbough Homes, West Texas’ number one new home builder, was founded in 1992 when father and son duo, Ron and Rick Betenbough, teamed up to deliver quality homes at the most competitive price. The pair built 11 homes that inaugural year and 53 homes the following year, launching a business built on providing individuals with an unparalleled home buying experience. Now, more than 20 years later, Betenbough Homes has built more than 6,000 homes in communities across West Texas.

Betenbough Homes

6305 82nd St.

Lubbock, TX 79424

Project Leader:

Jeanna Roach

VP Marketing

(806) 797-9494