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"It is not just my local community but a global community that I am selling homes for."

Bill Weeber

New Home Advisor, Keystone Custom Homes
"If I can have one more person to join the Keystone family, that's one more dollar that is able to fund a small business that is able to help a family grow."

Keystone Custom Homes
"It’s such personal way to make an impact yourself. It's more than just writing a check and sending it off to some nameless, faceless charity. Through your own work, helping others find dignity in their own work."

Barbara Dibrito

Online Advisor, Keystone Custom Homes


No builder has more experience at building Homes for HOPE than our longstanding partner and founding builder, Keystone Custom Homes. From the first Home for HOPE ever built in 1998, to the 2+ homes they build with us each and every year, Keystone Custom Homes is a true champion of building locally to fight poverty globally.

Today Keystone has begun to build what we call “virtual” Homes for HOPE, and instead of building one single Home for HOPE, they allow their trade partners to contribute to Homes for HOPE on any of the 200+ homes they build in any given year. This allows multiple partners in competing industries to contribute towards their projects, and gives them (their trades) the choice to select which schedule and floor plan works best for them – and, if they wish, allows them to give participate more than once.

To learn more about building “digital” Homes for HOPE, contact Matt Baehr at


Keystone Custom Homes, central Pennsylvania's largest locally owned homebuilder, has been building quality new homes for over 20 years. Keystone Homes is the first home builder in the country to win the prestigious ""America's Best Builder"" award three times, selected by Builder Magazine and the National Association of Home Builders. As one of the largest builder of PA homes, Keystone Homes can offer you a wide choice of options. We specialize in single family homes and townhomes in 44 communities throughout Lancaster, York, Cumberland, Dauphin, Berks, Chester, and Lebanon Counties, as well as the Harrisburg area in Pennsylvania and Northeast Maryland. In addition to founding Keystone Custom Homes, Jeff Rutt is also the founder of HOPE International and Home for HOPE. HOPE International helps to relieve poverty in some of the poorest countries in the world while Homes for HOPE works with local homebuilder associations in nine states.

Keystone Custom Homes

227 Granite Run, Suite 100

Lancaster, PA 17601

Project Leader:

Jeff Rutt

Owner & CEO

(717) 629-5481



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