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A 13-year-old’s brilliant business idea

A 13-year-old’s brilliant business idea

At 13, Eric Jeche values going to school with other students in his neighborhood in Zimbabwe. Unlike many of his peers, Eric pays for his own education.

Eric has lived with his grandmother since he lost his parents at a young age. But it’s not easy for his grandmother to pay for his school fees on top of their food, clothing, and other daily expenses, so Eric understands the value of money and work.

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Atlantic Builders is an award-winning, privately-owned regional builder that has delivered thousands of brand new homes in the Fredericksburg, Virginia area for over a quarter-century and is now building in the Charlottesville region as well. We have a simple philosophy: Build the best homes possible and create extraordinary relationships. We do that through our passion, dependability, and dedication to excellence.

Atlantic Builders

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