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“God has Blessed Me and Transformed my Life” | Akash and Anika’s* story

“God has Blessed Me and Transformed my Life” | Akash and Anika’s* story

SOUTH ASIA – For Akash and Anika, the road to a safe home and healthy family has not been easy. They experienced shame and were mocked for their poor living conditions. Living in a small hut, all they had for a roof was a tarp that left them exposed to winds and heavy rains. They had to build fires to prepare meals for their family, and often could only find wet wood for cooking. “We used to live [in] a very filthy hut surrounded by rats and snakes for the past 12 years. We faced many struggles.” Grateful to find work laboring in a rock quarry in South Asia, this couple knows how hard life can be. 

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Our story began in the Willamette Valley in 1983 when Bev and Dennis Pahlisch broke ground on their first homes. As Northwest homebuilders, the Pahlisch Homes team has always been committed to creating lasting communities that reflect the local cultures and values. When we moved our operations to Central Oregon in 2003, this commitment didn’t change, it only expanded.

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