2024 Homes for HOPE award honoree Sonia Solis

2024 Homes for HOPE award honoree Sonia Solis

Jun 10, 2024

2024 Homes for HOPE award honoree Sonia Solis

PARAGUAY – For mothers all around the world, providing for their children while being present and available is a consistent challenge.

When faced with the added complexity of chronic illness, this task can feel impossible. We believe that by investing in families through financial services, business training, and personal development within a supportive community, mothers can succeed despite even the most difficult circumstances. We can empower women and provide them with the tools they need to build a better future for themselves and their children.

2024 Homes for HOPE award honoree Sonia SolisWhen Sonia Solis first got involved in Diaconía, HOPE International’s microfinance partner in Paraguay, she was working in an office, but her income was not enough to cover her family’s cost of living after paying for childcare. Sonia dreamed of being able to work from home, where she could care for her children while still earning an income.

For Sonia, realizing that dream has taken hard work. Working seven days a week, she sells perfume, shoes, and purses; produce; and fast foods. Though she works long hours, she is free to work alongside her children as they play and do their schoolwork.

Her youngest son has chronic health problems, and now Sonia has the resources to pay for his treatments and the time to accompany him to his appointments. She says, “It’s different when Mom takes care of you, and being able to do that is my greatest reward from working from home in my own business.”

Not only has Sonia been able to be present with her children, she has also been able to increase their quality of life. The family was living in “a precarious house made of plywood” when she got involved in Diaconía. As her businesses have grown and she has been able to access capital, Sonia has purchased bricks little by little. Her family now has a sturdy home built of quality materials.

She says, “My family lives much better in many ways. My kids each have separate beds, and they’re in a better school, and I can accompany them at all times.”

Sonia continues to dream. One day she would like to open a minimarket that carries everything her community needs and a small restaurant where her children can work in the future. This year, we are honored to present the Homes for HOPE Award to Sonia Solis, a mother who has faced challenges with dignity and created a better life for her children. Please join us in celebrating Sonia’s hard work and perseverance in building a life for her family.

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