McGuinn Hybrid Homes Launch Their First Homes for HOPE Project

It was a beautiful day in sunny Lexington, SC on Tuesday of last week. With the summer heatwave in full force, it was a good day to be inside for the McGuinn trade appreciation lunch at Hudson’s BBQ and the inaugural launch of their first Homes for Hope project. 

Sager Family Homes launches second Homes for HOPE project

Just over ten days ago, Homes for HOPE Founder Jeff Rutt and Western U.S. Representative Drake Holtry had the opportunity to be with the Sager Family Homes team in beautiful Tacoma, Washington for the launch of their second Homes for HOPE Project. Under the gentle grey skies of the Pacific Northwest, the Sager Family team, alongside their trades, gathered in their courtyard with plenty of food and drink. It is worth noting that the youngest Homes for HOPE guest attendee to date was two-week-old baby Sager.

The 2023 Homes for HOPE Award | Ezekiel and Julienne

We are excited to announce this year’s Homes for HOPE Honorees – Ezekiel Minani and Julienne Uwineza. When Ezekiel was first introduced to Urwego, HOPE’s microfinance institution in Rwanda, he and his wife Julienne and two young children lived in a small mud house with no running water or electricity. A small maize (corn) flour business couldn’t support their growing family. They dreamed of a better future but had no access to capital.

Arise Homes launches first Homes for HOPE project

Last week, the Homes for HOPE team gathered in Shawnee, Kansas at the Legacy Crossing community to launch Arise Homes' very first Homes for HOPE Project. A year in the making, the day was filled with eager anticipation. Drake Holtry, the Homes for HOPE Western U.S. Representative, painted a vivid picture of HOPE's work to a crowd of guests while they savored delicious Kansas City barbeque. Joining in the celebration were Matt Mabe and Austin Chamberlin, the owners of Arise Homes, who expressed their excitement for the project. Alongside their committed trade partners, they are determined to make a positive impact on the lives of underserved individuals worldwide by providing a hand up, not a handout.

Building God’s Kingdom in Paraguay

We were honored to have Judah Mooney join us for the launch of the Keystone Custom Homes Homes for HOPE project in North Carolina last month. Judah is the president of Diaconía, HOPE’s microfinance partner in Paraguay. Judah, who is a part-time homebuilder himself, paid his way through college in the United States by framing houses. After college, he felt called to return to Paraguay, the country where he grew up and felt most at home, in order to serve its people. It is not often that our home launches coincide with a field leader's availability, as they are based in the regions where they operate and are rarely stateside. During his time with us, we were privileged to hear stories of transformation from the field.  

Part 2: The Next Generation Builds Upon a Solid Foundation | Yasquina Benjamin Sangles

Last month, we told you about how Jacobo Benjamin, an immigrant in a difficult situation, laid a foundation for his family’s success. Because of Jacobo’s diligent savings over the years, his daughter Yasquina became the first person from Batey Margarita to attend university. Since then, her two brothers and eight other young people from the community have followed her example. After earning her medical degree, she returned to her hometown.

Keystone Custom Homes – North Carolina Division Launches Their First Homes for HOPE Project

Keystone Custom Homes' newly acquired division in North Carolina (formerly Evans Coghill Homes) launched their first Homes for HOPE project on a beautiful spring day in Charlotte, North Carolina. Trade partners, suppliers, and service providers gathered in a gorgeous model home with the subtle sound of saws and hammers in the background as homes are going up quickly in the popular, developing community. After a time of connecting around a meal, division president Alan Banks along with HOPE International’s founder, Jeff Rutt and others shared the vision of leveraging the impact of the building industry to invest in the dreams of underserved families around the world.

Partner Spotlight: Keystone Custom Homes 2023 Trade Partner Celebration

Earlier this month Keystone Custom Homes held a trade appreciation event to celebrate the resilience, perseverance, excellence, and generosity of their trade partners and suppliers over the past five years. Homes for HOPE had the privilege of attending as well and thanking those in attendance for their sacrificial support of our mission. Utilizing Keystone’s unique Virtual Homes for HOPE Project model, they have generated donations that keep increasing year over year enabling us to serve an ever-growing number of talented entrepreneurs who are living in poverty around the world! 

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