Schuber Mitchell Homes launches Homes for HOPE Project

Arkansas, home to five Fortune 500 giants – Walmart, Tyson Chicken, Murphy USA, JB Hunt, and Dillards – has added another achievement to it’s portfolio with Schuber Mitchell Homes' latest Homes for HOPE Project. On November 3rd, amidst the backdrop of the Bentonville Community Center, the Schuber Mitchell team, joined by dedicated trade partners, launched yet another transformative Homes for HOPE project. 

Arise Homes Celebrates Their First Homes for HOPE Project

The weather in Kansas City is famously unpredictable - rain, sunshine, snow, all in the span of a few minutes. At the launch of the Arise Homes’ Homes for HOPE Project in May, it felt like we experienced all four seasons in one day. But despite the unpredictable weather, the spirit was unwavering.

Yingst Homes Launches Their First Homes for HOPE Project

On a beautiful, Friday the 13th afternoon, Harrisburg, PA’s Yingst Homes, and their longstanding trade partners gathered at The Beerded Goat Brewery to launch their first Homes for HOPE Project. This was the culmination of a partnership five years in the making facilitated by Homes for HOPE board member, John Fox of FoxBuilt Homes.  

Persevering through Pain | Cristina Benitez

For those living on the vulnerable edge of poverty, just one unforeseen health crisis can set back their progress toward financial stability. The security they’ve worked so hard for can vanish in a moment. 

Expansion in Kenya: an answer to 12 years of prayer

In 2010, Small and Micro Enterprise Program (SMEP) Microfinance Bank, a Christ-centered microfinance institution serving families in Kenya, celebrated a major distinction: It became the third deposit-taking microfinance bank in the country to be licensed and regulated by the Central Bank of Kenya. But along with its approval, the central bank issued one caveat: SMEP needed to add investors to its ownership pool. It sounded like a simple request—yet it proved to be anything but.

Providence Homes wins the 2023 Bigelow Award

Homes for HOPE is delighted to announce that Providence Homes is the recipient of our second annual Bigelow Award. This award is named in honor of Perry Bigelow, who served as Homes for HOPE’s board president for over twenty years before he went home to be with the LORD in July 2022.

Unlocking potential: earning a living with a disability in Haiti

Dumel Fontaine is a husband and father of three living in Les Cayes, Haiti. He’s always been committed to providing for his family—yet as someone without sight, he’s also almost always been barred from doing so. “My situation was … very catastrophic because I didn’t have a job until now,” he says. “There wasn’t enough clothing and food.” Then, when the COVID-19 pandemic struck, Bosco and his neighbors faced a new wave of challenges. As schools and businesses shut down, he says, “People here in the community had lost hope.” 

Around the same time, a fellow church member invited Bosco to join a savings group and attend an agrifaith program through Sowers of HOPE—HOPE International’s discipleship ministry that equips farmers through savings groups to proclaim the Gospel through agriculture.  

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