Eastbrook Homes Continues Generosity Towards Homes for HOPE

Dec 13, 2023

When companies learn about Homes for HOPE, and how we fight global poverty by investing in hard-working entrepreneurs, many ask, “What about the needs that exist in the communities in which we build? There are so many needs here. Why should I give to help people overseas?” Our answer? Do both! This isn’t an either-or choice. It’s a both-and! Please continue supporting those doing incredible philanthropic work locally AND give your people the opportunity to alleviate all forms of poverty worldwide strategically and sustainably by partnering with Homes for HOPE. 

That is exactly what CEO, Mick McGraw and his team at Eastbrook Homes have done! Since 2014, he and his family have been investing in the mission of Homes for HOPE impacting countless lives in the fight against global poverty. 2023 was no different with a generous donation of $100,000 which enables HOPE to serve an additional 4000 families in 2024.  

AND Eastbrook Homes has a company culture of giving to local non-profit organizations and charities. To learn more about the incredible causes they support, visit their giving page – https://eastbrookhomes.com/giving/  

To learn more about adding global poverty alleviation to your company’s philanthropic endeavors, please don’t hesitate to contact Homes for HOPE’s Executive Director, Matt Baehr, at mbaehr@homes4hope.org  

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