HOPE’s Response in Ukraine – July 2022

Six months after Russia invaded Ukraine, fighting continues in the south and east of the country, with little territory being gained or lost on either side. Recently, the Ukrainian military said that they have successfully repelled Russian attacks and made several successful counterattacks.

Elizabeth has a vision to transform her community—starting with its youngest members.

Elizabeth Mutosa says that her neighborhood, Section 10, in Roan, Zambia, has gained a reputation for being a challenging place to live. "Section 10 has been characterized by … activities, like drinking beer, early marriages for young girls, and other activities that rob the peace of every child," she shares. "There are vulnerable people that need to be helped."

Remembering Perry Bigelow

Perry Bigelow, founder of Bigelow Homes, passed away on July 4th after dedicating much of his life to serving the homebuilding community and advocating for sustainability.

Join us on the Homes for HOPE Trip this fall

Have you ever wondered what HOPE’s mission looks like in the field? What if you could see it firsthand? We invite you to put our “messaging” to the test and join us October 11th-14th in the Dominican Republic.

Join us at the Home Builder Digital Marketing Summit

Join Homes for HOPE’s Western US Representative, Drake Holtry, at this year’s Home Builder Digital Marketing Summit. Part of our marketing plan, like most companies, is to get out and meet people.

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