“Homes for HOPE is teaching people to fish.”

As Rosewood Communities cut the ribbon for the sale of its fourth successful Home for HOPE, one of their trade partners stood up to give his testimony, and share what hope meant to him. Silas Lewis founded his company, Samson Stone, based on the Biblical character of Samson, who Silas feels represents strength, loyalty, and leadership. These characteristics are ones he hopes to always have imbued in his company, and are reasons that he has chosen to take part in several Homes for HOME along with Rosewood. After yet another largely successful build, that netted almost twice as much profit for Homes for HOPE as had been predicted, Silas decided to share his faith, and his take on the importance of Homes for HOPE’s work, in front of all of the builders, trade partners, and families that were attending the celebration.


“Homes For HOPE is teaching people to fish,” he stated, as he reminded his audience of Christ’s promise to make us fishers of men. “As a Christ-based company, Hope is teaching not only the skills needed, …but they are teaching people about Christ and how to lead others to him as well.” For Lewis, the beauty of Homes for HOPE’s mission is not the giving, but the empowering through teaching.

“Our role as believers, and even for those who are nonbelievers, is to help others in need.”

And by giving clients the resources to create sustainable support for themselves through businesses and community investments, Lewis already knows how HOPE is making a huge impact in the lives of its clients from around the world. “HOPE is teaching life skills that will secure a better future,” and by giving to that cause, Lewis argues, Christians are fulfilling their call to be generous.

“I believe that we are all accountable for what we are given,” continued Lewis, noting from Proverbs 14:31 that Christ followers are called to generosity: “…he who is generous to the needy honors [God].” He reminded his audience repeatedly that they have been given much, and that therefore God expects much of them. However, the most important part of HOPE’s mission to Lewis is clearly the advancement of the gospel, and therefore the advancement of… hope.


Through their involvement with Homes for HOPE, Samson Stone and their trade partner Rosewood Communities have a unique opportunity to spread hope, as they are “not only helping to fund businesses, but helping to train teachers to go out into the world and share the good news.” The teaching of the gospel is what Lewis emphasized most, because he knows—as all Christ followers do—that this is how we truly bring hope to those in need. Then, as Lewis touchingly worded it, “Hope is blind to poverty, starvation, murder, homelessness. Hope looks beyond the horizon and sees…peace.”

“What we are doing here today is giving people hope. Hope for a future. …Hope that there is good in the world. Hope that they will receive God’s blessings in their lives and make a positive impact in their communities.”

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