Boris Timofei Tentuic currently lives in Hincesti, Maldova with his wife and 8 children (2 of whom are grown), and provides for his family by farming 15-acres of land. Just like any parent, he dreams of providing his children with the opportunity to attend college and graduate with degrees that will open doors for them. However in order to make this dream reality, he must confront the challenges of growing his business. Competition is tough for a small business and financial backing is limited when most local creditors see Timofei’s large family as a liability.


However, where many banks saw liability, Invest Credit, HOPE’s partner in Moldova saw the opportunity to invest in a father’s ambition. In 2008, Timofei received his first loan and gained access to the capital he needed to grow his business. With the funding from the loans, he was able to buy fertilizer to help increase the quality of his goods, giving him a competitive advantage in the market. Also, he was able to buy seed in bulk at the beginning of the season, instead of having to wait until harvest to buy more seed. In addition, he was able to install a water pump and irrigation system, allowing him to work faster and more efficiently.



Since Timofei’s business has grown, he has been making strides towards his dream for his family. His two oldest children are already studying at the university, and he has no intention of stopping till the other six follow. Like any good businessman, he is continually looking for opportunities to grow. He is currently planning on applying for a fourth loan from Invest-Credit to purchase a tractor, which will allow him to increase his volume and get his crops to the market when prices peak.

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