Greetings!  Mike Lennon here… I recently visited the Dominican Republic with a group who were interested in the Home for Hope mission to help alleviate poverty among some of the world’s poorest – people who just want the opportunity to work to leave the ravages of poverty behind.  And I was struck during my visit by the children – who like children around the world, start life with hope and joy and a sense of wonder.  They don’t know that they live in poverty.  It’s not until they get older and have to fend for themselves that they realize that life for them will be mostly about survival.

But as I spent time with them I all at once realized, “wow, the help we are bringing their parents – the capital that will help them build businesses – will mean that these kids will never have to know the poverty their parents have known – the hand-to-mouth living that so many in the developing world live with their entire lives!”  And I thought again – what if we could catch the imagination of the American Building Industry family – I mean on a massive scale – what would that look like?

It would mean simply that tens of thousands of kids like these you see me with here would grow into all that God intended them to become.  And we – builders and trade partners – would have a HUGE part in making that a reality for tens of thousands of children – from the Dominican Republic – to Afghanistan – to the Republic of Congo and beyond!

At a time when we, in our own country, are experiencing economic challenges we haven’t seen for generations, we know what it is to fight to make ends meet, and no matter how desperate, we are a resilient people – especially those of us in the building industry.  We find a way…to survive and to thrive.  And we can “pay it forward”; the proceeds of just one Home for Hope can help lift thousands out of poverty for good!

Won’t you consider joining the Homes for Hope team in a truly noble quest to reach beyond our borders into some of the toughest places in the world – to bring opportunity to those most in need?  Remember the kids.  To find out more please visit us at

“We live life at the highest level when we give the best we have for those most in need.”

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