I was excited during a recent visit with Steve Brooks, CEO of Grand Homes out of Dallas,
Texas. Last year Steve and the Grand Homes team completed their first Home for Hope
and generated over $150,000 for Homes for Hope (H4H) to help over 1,500 families out of
poverty in some of the poorest places in Africa in partnership with HOPE International.
This H4H project will be built in one of Grand Homes subdivision in McKinney Texas and is
scheduled to break ground in late August.
Steve told me that he and his team trade partners were very excited to be working with
Homes for Hope in support of the great work of HOPE International to help people work
their way out of poverty in some of the poorest places in the world.
It is truly amazing how this mission is catching the imagination of men and women in
the building industry throughout the country. And it is even more remarkable that it is
happening even as the building industry continues to navigate its way through one of the
toughest economies in recent history. But that typifies the character of members of the
American building industry

– people who “find a way” no matter what the challenge.

1st photo: Steve Brook and Mike Lennon seal the model on Grand Homes 2nd Home For Hope! 2nd Photo: Steve Brooks in front of a Grand Homes in McKinney texas, the location of this H4H project.

Homes for Hope is grateful for the partnership with Grand Homes, a nationally recognized,
award-winning leader in the home building industry, exclusively in the Dallas-Fort Worth
Metroplex and looks forward to gathering momentum with other homebuilders in north
Texas region.

Please contact us to find out how you can be part of the Homes for Hope team in your area
of the country. There are many ways to help in our quest to give people a “hand up” to help
them find lives of hope and promise through their own efforts. A noble effort we can all be
proud of…

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