God blesses us in order that we might be a blessing to others.  We are so fortunate to work with home builders, like Baessler Homes and their trade partners in Milliken, Colorado, who are generously sharing their blessings with entrepreneurs in developing countries around the world.

1Baessler progress1 5.29.13

We enjoy seeing (and sharing) the photos of Baessler Homes‘ 1st Home for Hope as it is being constructed.  Once completed, the proceeds from the sale of this home will be used to provide small, micro-loans to aspiring entrepreneurs in under-served communities throughout Latin America, Africa, Eastern Europe and Asia.

Baessler progress3 5.29.13


Through the construction and sale of this one home, Baessler Homes and their trade partners are helping to ease the grip poverty has on over 1,000 families by providing the capital they need to start and grow small businesses of their own.  As their businesses grow, the recipients of these loans will in turn, bless their communities by hiring employees and by caring for their neighbors… sharing our blessings!


This home is available for purchase and will be move-in ready in late June 2013.  Please contact Robbie Miner at Sears Real Estate for details (970) 978-0222.


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