I’m sometimes asked what kind of businesses HOPE International entrepreneurs have in poor parts of the world—what kind of businesses can really be helped by a $100.00 loan?  The answer: It’s really guided by whatever kind of businesses are needed for each community and the creativity of the business owners.  It’s cottage industry environment which supports the local community.

For example, on a trip to the Dominican Republic I was blessed to visit several such businesses, and one is pictured below.  Two very excited ladies joyfully brought me into their “stool-making shop.”  They had taken five gallon cans, put foam on the top and wrapped them in fabric.  Then they sold them in the maketplace.

With a “micro-loan” from HOPE International, our Homes for Hope (H4H)  partner, they expanded their business. The other ladies in the picture also got loans for their businesses and together they began to provide for their families and build their communities.  Ninety-six percent of all HOPE loans are paid back on time (usually 6 months) with interest! It just works!

When our H4H friends realize just how small a loan (as low as $50.00!) can help transform a life, they are amazed.  Without fail, the builders and trade partners I talk to  are amazed and stunned  that such a small investment can have such a great impact.

One builder who recently agreed to build a Home for Hope told me that he’d been looking a long time for a way to help alleviate poverty in the world, but wanted something that really worked, and really helped people help themselves.  “This is the best thing I’ve ever seen as far as helping the poor,” he said.  “We’re proud to support Homes for Hope and the HOPE International mission to help people work themselves out of poverty.”

Visit us at www.homesforhope.org and find out how you can help folks like these work their families out of poverty…for good!

Happy Haitian entrepreneurs in the Domincan Republic don’t consider themselves poor. Each of these ladies received a small loan which will helped them expand their business and guide their families out of poverty for good!

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