Providence Homes just broke ground on its fourth Homes for Hope (H4H) project.   My friend, Sean Junker (holding the shovel below) is leading the effort on the team’s fourth Homes for Hope project in six years.  With the proceeds of this home, Providence will eclipse the $250,000 mark of funds generated for H4H.  About the heart Sean and the Providence team put into this, I can’t say it any better than he did…
“These are still challenging times for our company and for our trade partners,” said Junker. “We are all digging out from a pretty big hole created by the economic downturn, but we felt it was still important that we step up and make this commitment, which will result in helping thousands of people work their way out of poverty in the world’s poorest places…and it is an incredible team building benefit for us.” To learn more about Providence Homes owner Bill Cellar, Sean and Providence Homes, click here.

What can I say!? Homes for Hope is so incredibly grateful for the Providence team commitment and passion to help others in need help themselves. Here’s a company and many of their trade partner companies reaching out to help in the face of hard economic times and at a clear sacrifice to themselves.  This is the best of the human heart.

The $250,000 I mentioned above will translate into 2,500 $100 loans to struggling entrepreneurs in the some of the poorest places on earth, like Haiti, Afghanistan and Africa.  The loans are paid back with interest in six to eight months.  The business owners, which typically have families of five or six, are then able to feed their kids better, provide better health and education and start living their dreams – the same ones you and I have.  And if you do the math (say five in a family) that’s 12,500 people beginning to leave poverty behind for good in less than a year. Pretty amazing.

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