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Hess Home Builders #1

Hess Home Builders #1



Hess Home Builders has been a leader in building Lancaster County homes since 1964. We pride ourselves on innovation, attention to detail and a genuine desire to deliver the perfect home for you and your family. Below are a few of the reasons our structures deserve to be called your home.

Hess Home Builders Inc

15 Meadow Lane 

Lancaster, PA 17601


Project Leader:

Earl Hess

Owner & CEO

(717) 598-5761



Francelene’s Story:  Perseverance & Business Growth

Francelene’s Story: Perseverance & Business Growth

How would you describe poverty? Poverty is best understood as brokenness. Brokenness in relationships, brokenness in access to resources, brokenness in opportunities, spiritual brokenness… On my recent trip to the Dominican Republic with the Keystone Custom Homes team, what I saw in our associates wasn’t poverty. I saw dignity…

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Astrida’s Story – A Family Dignified

Astrida’s Story – A Family Dignified

Astrida and her family are the reason Homes for HOPE exists as a vehicle for the building industry to fight against global poverty. They didn’t need someone to give them food, pay their school fees, or build them a house. They needed a sustainable solution that lasts for the long term – a hand up, not a handout.

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