I recently joined John and Lisa Fox, John’s two brothers and four others from Foxbuilt, Inc., a Harrisburg, PA-based homebuilder, on a “vision trip” to the Dominican Republic. The purpose was for the Foxbuilt team to see the impact that Homes for Hope (H4H) is making in helping people escape the ravages of poverty. The team spent time with entrepreneurs working their way out of poverty thanks to small loans funded by the Homes for Hope program. John spoke for the team when he described the experience.
“It was amazing to see how much can happen to transform lives with such a small loan. We visited HOPE International clients in order to see who the funds from our upcoming Homes for Hope project would impact the poor. We were blessed and impressed. These micro-loans are making a dramatic difference in the lives of thousands of people simply looking for a hand-up, a chance to work to support their families.”

A Home for Hope: The Foxbuilt team has decided to break ground on its first homes for hope project on August 2nd with a goal of being done in six weeks. The house is scheduled to be in the Parade of Homes sponsored by the Harrisburg Homebuilders Association. And wonderfully, the home is a “pre-sale” which means a buyer has already committed to the purchase the property. A community celebration will be held to recognize the efforts of all those “giving back” so others can have hope for new lives. To learn more about Foxbuilt Homes, click here.

John told me that the home is expected to generate $150,000 for Homes for Hope and the work of HOPE International, that means 1,500 $100 loans – and at five in a family – 7,500 people will leave poverty behind…in places like China, Romania, Afghanistan and the Dominican Republic. Homes for Hope is extremely grateful and proud of our new partnership with Foxbuilt, Inc. They are “giving back” at a time when many people are “pulling back”. My hearty congratulations to their team for a pioneering effort! Thousands will break the cycle of poverty because of their passion and commitment.
To find out more about homes for hope – visit our website: www.homes4hope.org.

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