In the world of new home sales and marketing he’s been described as a pioneer, innovator, educator, authority, and expert, and more recently, Bob Schultz, President and Founder of The New Home Sales Specialists, was named to Builder magazine’s Power 50 List. He is the only new home sales educator, trainer, management and marketing consultant given this honor, and with good reason.

Bob’s New Homes Sales Boot Camps and Serious Sales, Marketing & Profit Management training courses routinely result in testimonials of double digit year-over-year sales increases from builders such as Jagoe Homes in KY, Classica Homes in NC, Premier Homes in CO, Betenbough Homes in TX, Stevens Fine Homes in NC, Ideal Homes in OK, and Thompson Homes in KY to name a few.

Bob’s process grew from years of studying the art and science of selling and developing systems and processes as well as from personally leading extremely successful new home sales and marketing programs during the stifling housing recessions in the 70’s & 80’s.  He is the author of the industry’s two best-selling books on new home sales, The Official Handbook for New Home Salespeople and Smart Selling Techniques.

Along with his passion for helping entrepreneurs in the building and real estate industries, Bob has a passion for helping people with that same entrepreneurial spirit, who were born in the worst parts of the world with no opportunity to realize their potential. We thank Bob for his commitment to Homes for Hope and Home International and to the people he is helping escape poverty in the world’s most under-served areas.

Bob Schultz is president and CEO of Bob Schultz & The New Home Sales Specialists, a full-service management consulting and sales company based in Boca Raton, Fla. For more information, visit or call 561.368.1151.

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