Marc Bigirimana: Dreaming Beyond The Day-To-Day

Sep 14, 2022

Before joining Turame, HOPE’s microfinance institution in Burundi, Marc had a small electronics shop, but he wasn’t earning enough each day to provide for all the needs of his five kids. He shares, “My financial situation was not stable before [joining Turame]. My income was not steady.” On top of inconsistent sales, Marc also had his shop robbed—compounding his family’s tenuous situation.

In 2017, Marc took out his first loan from Turame, investing it in his store’s inventory and thus growing his earnings. Now, even if Marc still has slow days in the shop, he knows he won’t be in trouble: He’s set aside a portion of his loan for emergencies. “Everyone saves 10% of their loan,” he shares. With his increased income and a safety net of savings, Marc worries less about providing for his family. He says:

“Life, in general, has been transformed. Our family is no longer struggling with [purchasing] clothing, which was not the case before.”

This increased stability has freed Marc to dream beyond the day-to-day. He supports widowers in his community and hopes to do this on a larger scale in the future. He also dreams of building a larger home for his family—he’s already purchased the land—and sending his kids to high-quality universities.

You can help hardworking entrepreneurs like Marc gain security in an insecure world – physically, socially, personally, and spiritually. If you’d like to learn how, contact Kirstin Dhlamini at

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