What is a Home for Hope?

How It Works

A builder typically donates all or some of the cost of a lot and his/her profit and overhead. Trade partners—subcontractors, suppliers, and consultants—donate all or some of the cost of labor, materials, and consulting services. Others associated with building a home, such as banks, title and escrow companies, and other service firms, may also be involved by waiving fees or making financial donations in support of a Homes for Hope project.

Builder Benefits of a Homes for Hope Project

The benefits to builders, their trades, and the local building community are many. Here are just a few:

  • Builders and trades can help address poverty—one of the world’s greatest challenges—by doing what they do best.
  • The local building industry (and homebuilding association) increases its reputation for philanthropy by involving hundreds of members in a high-impact project.
  • Builders create stronger bonds with their trade partners through a team-building effort that helps thousands of people with just one project.
  • The goodwill created by a Homes for Hope project forges stronger synergy and productivity for builders and trade partners in their every day “for profit” work.
  • This building industry program becomes another visible expression of the building industry’s generosity and an example for others to follow in charitable giving.
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