Rojo Gomez, Mexico:  I recently had the opportunity to join one of our key Southern California HOPE International partners in a short-term mission trip just south of the California border on a “house-building weekend” in the village of Rojo Gomez, near the larger city of Tecate.

Our partner Lance Wood led a group of about 70 folks, mostly from Mariners church in Southern California.   Our weekend mission: To build homes for three deserving families, to hold a Saturday vacation bible school event for over 100 local kids and their families, and to go out into the community with the gospel for those who were ready to hear.

It was an amazing weekend, indeed!  In addition to building the homes and the joyous celebration that followed, about 20 of our team met at a local church to work with community members to do games, and arts and crafts – with lots of prizes – for scores of local kids from ages 1 to 14.  It was an amazing integration of cultures, so much so, that language became no barrier (some of the kids are pictured below).

And, as if waiting for us, the community responded – over 300 of them on three separate occasions to outdoor open air meetings to the good news of Jesus Christ. This was led by Bob Sanders of Baja Christian Ministries (in white hat in group photo below).  Bob’s passion reflects both a desire to help Mexico’s underserved in a practical way. Under BCM’s leadership over 1800 homes have been built for deserving families.  And his actions are equaled by his passion to help folks connect to God to provide a lasting hope for life.

The HOPE connection.  Partners like Lance and Jeanie Wood and their kids reflect the heart of HOPE International’s desire to be a holistic help to those in need – providing empowerment to help those who need just a hand up to have a better life here…and ever-after!

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