Things are moving along very quickly here at Homes For Hope. We are happy to say that we are busy at work and that we have the opportunity to work with such wonderful people! Here is a brief update on our Homes For Hope Building Community.

  • You may recall that earlier last month, our partner, Grand Homes, a member of the Home Builder’s Association of Greater Dallas, sold their second Home For Hope for 2012, making their YTD contribution $200,000. Also, they pledged to more than double that amount by the end of the year, and are planning to donate $220,000 for their Home For Hope, that is scheduled to break ground TOMORROW, Tuesday the 31st of this month.

Looking back, we are overwhelmed at the blessings that God has been pouring out. We are left with nothing but a feeling of supreme gratitude and humility in the face of His love and faithfulness. We are so thankful for His convicting nature, and the servant’s heart that He has planted so deeply within our building industry and partners.

Looking forward, we pray for safe travels and, with humility and faith, that our work would be considered nothing beyond worship to our Heavenly Father. We pray for the people who will receive loans from Hope International. We pray that the Lord would bless them with good work, and that He would sustain them in their distress. We pray that they would be drawn to Him in His time, and that they would discover and be reaffirmed in the refuge of His Love and Faithfulness. We boldly ask that He would bless the work of their hands that they may bear the fruits of their labor, that poverty may be broken, and that His Glory may be declared.

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