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One of the most enriching and fulfilling things about building Homes for Hope is the impact it makes in the hearts and lives of your workers, partners, and employees.


Long-time supporter and partner of Homes for Hope and HOPE International, Keystone Custom Homes recently took a group of their employees to the Dominican Republic (DR) to see and experience the work of Esperanza International (HOPE International’s partner in the DR).


In this video, employees from Keystone share – in their own words – what it was like and how it has impacted them.


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Keystone Employee Quotes about Building Homes for Hope.


“It shows me that it’s not just my local community, but it’s a global community that I’m selling homes for.”

Bill Weeber, New Home Advisor


“Up until this weekend, building dreams at Keystone Custom Homes meant to me, building houses and improving people’s lives in the United States. We met with clients who had dreams of starting a business, they had their own ideas, they had their own passion, and we just empowered them to take those ideas and build them to life, and building dreams has a whole new meaning for me.”

Mike Klaips, Sales Manager


“It’s such a personal way to make an impact yourself more than just writing a check and sending it off to some nameless faceless charity – Through your own work, helping people find dignity in their work.”

Barbara Dibrito, Online Advisor

>>>Click here to watch the video.<<<


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