Our second day at IBS, like-minded guys from 6 different states sat down and all had dinner with us at Bahama Breeze. The topics they were most interested in were culture, connecting with other like-minded builders, and sales & marketing strategies. Be sure to wear those shirts guys!





The next generation of pioneering home builders were brought together at the IBSLIVE under 40 panel discussion & mixer. Among the panelists were two friends of Homes for Hope, Brad McCall of McCall Homes and Monica Wheaton of Builder Partnerships. We were so blessed when they both shared their personal testimonies with Homes for Hope! We are incredibly thankful to them for their service, partnership, and for speaking out about building locally to fight poverty globally.





Jack Nulty was invited to speak as one of the facilitators at the IBS Session “Groupthink: Labor Shortage Solutions,” where he shared about culture and community building with trades. One attendant, Scott Miller of The Home Innovators, reached out to Jack later, saying, “I came to this show with the intention of learning all I could and I think the most important piece of information I came away with is what you shared with me about culture. The conversation about business numbers and rewards was good but because of you I now understand the phrase “culture eats strategy for breakfast” and I want you to know that you made a difference. I thank you and my team thanks you!”



One More Home-01


Last but not least, we are so pleased to announce that Bonvie Homes has committed to build the first Home for Hope in MA! We are so blessed to welcome them into our group of builders who build locally to fight poverty globally.

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