Last Wednesday I was in Mckinney, Texas – just outside of Dallas – to help launch a brand new Home for Hope.  It was an amazing day; a celebration of life in the greatest sense.  About 75 people gathered as the first shovel of dirt left the ground.

Grand Homes CEO Steve Brooks declared that the project was “as important as anything else we do in our company.  I can speak for our company team and trade partner family when I say that giving thousands of people in struggling communities around the world a chance to work themselves out of poverty is all the motivation we need!”

The home will generate revenue exceeding $200,000, thanks to Grand Homes and their trade partners.  The funds will support Homes for Hope, a nonprofit group which works with its partner HOPE International to give loans as small as $50 (microloans) to entrepreneurs in places like Africa, China, Afghanistan and Haiti to help them work their families out of poverty.

The $200,000 from this home could provide $100 loans to 2,000 people. If you multiply that by five – the average number in a family – that’s 10,000 people beginning to step out of poverty in just 6 to 8 months.  And because 98%+ of the loans are paid back with interest, that means the funds will go into new loans to help even more people!

Bob Morris, CEO of the Dallas Homebuilders Association, attended the groundbreaking and put it this way: “Grand Homes represents the heart of our industry in doing this project.  Like so many in our business they give back even when it’s not convenient.  And now their vision for community has become global.  We’re very proud to be associated with them in this act of life-saving kindness.”

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