Before starting with HOPE, Constantine, a married mother of 6, could not afford to send her children to school, so they remained at home and restless in their exposed mud brick home that was vulnerable to the weather.  Her family also suffered from health problems and could not afford proper care.  Constantine ran a roadside stand selling sugar, coffee, soap and toiletries, but could not purchase enough inventory to move beyond basic survival for her family.


Since discovering HOPE, Constantine has received and repaid several loans from $55 up to $205.  This has allowed her to add items to her inventory and buy products in bulk, increasing her net profit significantly.  Now her children are all enrolled in school and she has been able to purchase cement to cover the mud bricks on their home.  In addition the family’s health has improved as they can afford medicine when needed.  Constantine now regularly tithes and contributes to the life of her church.  She thanks God that her business has been strong and that she has been able to repay her credit.


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