Yesterday, the videographer Chris Dearolf of Disciple Media arrived in Des Moines Iowa to shoot a new Homes For Hope Media Project. It featured Ankeny-based Clarity Construction and their newly built Home For Hope, which is going to be featured in the 2012 Des Moines Home Show Expo.

However, Homes For Hope is not the only one who is providing coverage for our friends in Iowa. A local TV Station, WHO 13 News, has picked up the story and plans on making Clarity Construction and Homes For Hope their featured non-profit from the Expo. Justin Bauer and his company will be interviewed on July 18th, and the footage is being scheduled to air on Saturday the 21st!

Our goal is to get a copy of the footage and hope to release it on our blog in the weeks to come. However, for everybody in the Des Moines area, make sure and tune in! Also, get your tickets to the 2012 Des Moines Home Show Expo (starts July 14th) and support Clarity Construction in their build.

Here at Homes For Hope we are continually being reminded more and more about what it means to be a faith-based organization these days. Videos and presentations are helpful; testimonies can be powerful and moving; but only the Holy Spirit can change a heart.

  • We pray that the Holy Spirit would continue to work in the lives of those abroad through HOPE International.
  • We pray that He continues to work in the hearts of our homebuilders. That He would reveal Himself through their testimonies and the way that they live.
  • At the end of the day, we pray that the Father would be glorified for what has been accomplished in His name.
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