The working spirit of a homebuilder is a very powerful thing.

At the same time, it is very easily overlooked; from an external perspective it is often equated to the condition of the market, but in reality its something entirely separate. It’s immaterial, and due to the amount work that is perpetually still left to be done it is typically left unspoken.

The way that they work and the force behind their determination is a glorious thing and has transformational power. Homes For Hope is in a very unique position to witness what they are capable of, and it is both a humbling experience and a great privilege.

H4H channels the working spirit of our partners into the holistic, evangelical mission of Hope International. Through micro-finance, HOPE invests in the working spirit of the people in developing countries; the entrepreneurs and tradesman who have to work through the never-ending recession of poverty. It challenges more than just their way of life, it challenges life itself.

After their recent Home for Hope is sold, the working spirit of Clarity Construction will be responsible for sponsoring an estimated 5,000 loans (based on the average Hope Loan size). At the very least, 5,000 people will be given an opportunity to use their own talents, ideas, and dreams to break out of poverty and thrive.

Join us as we celebrate what God has accomplished, and as we pray for the 5000.

We pray that God would bless the work of the homebuilders in America.

Homes for Hope from Disciple Media on Vimeo.

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