On one of my trips with the Dominican Republic earlier this year, I was joined by 3 kids – one in high school and two in college. It was amazing to see their eyes opened to poverty, and their passion ignited as they realized that they could help alleviate poverty by helping the poor help themselves.

Taylor, Katherine, & Nick with an entrepreneur in the Dominican Republic.


Katherine, one of the college students, said, “We need to be doing this everywhere in the world and even in our own country!” Each of the three naturally saw that giving is part of life, that apathy is not an option, that taking action is an imperative. They saw that they can literally help the lives of children – providing the opportunity escape poverty for good!

Katherine, a college student, with kids in the Dominican Republic.

In just a week, Homes for Hope and Grand Homes will break ground on a home for hope located in McKinney, Texas. More than fifty trade partners will join the effort. Even in a housing market which has been incredibly challenging, our people – builders and their trade partners – are sacrificing so others can have a hope.



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