Be Focused, Optimistic, and Pray to God | Faustin Ndagijimana’s Story

Mar 6, 2024

RWANDA – Having once struggled to feed his family on an inconsistent income, Faustin is now flourishing. As a welder, he took work as it came but dreamed of expanding his business. His family was known as a poor family in their community when he was introduced to Urwego (HOPE’s microfinance institution in Rwanda) in 2012.

“I wanted money to expand my business. Other banks refused to give me a loan. I used to apply for a loan in other banks, but the process was too long and difficult to get the loan. For Urwego it was very easy to get the loan in the shortest period of time. In other banks, you have to pay the bribe but with Urwego, staff are true Christians,” says Faustin

He admits he was nervous to take a loan because he wasn’t sure if he would be able to repay it. “At first, I thought it is not going to be possible to repay the loan. I felt nervous but you have to be optimistic, focused, and pray to God to guide you.”

Faustin used his knowledge of construction materials and his understanding of market value to open a hardware store. Over the past twelve years, he has taken multiple loans from Urwego to expand his hardware and welding businesses. He also used a loan to start a construction business, building and selling homes.

His businesses now provide abundantly for his family. They no longer worry about whether they will eat. His children are attending good schools and are thriving. He and his wife, who runs the hardware store with him, employ an average of fifteen workers each month.

Additionally, Faustin uses his expertise to build houses for underserved people in his community and helps to find housing for those who are in need. He was already giving to his church out of his lack but now gives 1,000 times as much to his church out of his abundance. “When I work and money comes, I get the opportunity to build houses for the needy people. When I contribute more than 2,000,000FRW to my church, I say glory to the Lord.”

Faustin dreams of continuing to grow his businesses and one day make a shift away from residential construction to build schools and commercial buildings. He feels blessed and excited. He sees bright future ahead of him.

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