I recently talked to one of our Homes for Hope builders In Jacksonville, Florida – Sean Junker from Providence Homes.  He told me about a challenge he’d encountered with the project and how he planned to handle it.  Listen to this:

“We just got an update on the market value where our home for hope is located and the discovered that lot value really has decreased.  We have re-proposed a price for the lot to the bank to be more in line with the market and I am waiting on a response.  If they do not accept our offer than we will move the home to another lot in a different community that we are confident we will be able to sell swiftly.  One way or another we are going to get this home going!”

Sean Junker, President & COO of Providence Homes on the site of their upcoming Homes for Hope project.  A builder on raw land is a picture of a modern-day pioneer – one who sees it before it’s there!  Check out their team…


I told Sean how much we appreciated the Providence Homes team and their trade partners for persevering in the face of  any & every challenge!

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