Hearts that yearn to learn are best equipped to inspire organizational growth. The 2014 Homes for Hope Builder Summit was filled with people with such hearts, and the resulting impact generated excitement throughout the Homes for Hope network! The following snapshots paint a portrait of the communal learning and growth that took place during the Summit.


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There was no shortage of memorable moments at the two-day event, which began with the  Celebrating HOPE dinner. Celebrating HOPE brought together 700 people for more than a meal, as donors joined together with local, national, and international staff members to recognize the work of HOPE International and their partners around the world. The dinner provided attendees with a chance for reflection of the past, encouragement in the present, and engagement in the future.


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From start to finish, prayer and passion stood as the cornerstones for the Summit. At Celebrating HOPE, Homes for Hope Founder Jeff Rutt led the room in prayer, while HOPE President Peter Greer spoke on their commitment to passion and remaining Mission True. Together these two cornerstones helped cultivate a passionate environment at the Celebrating HOPE dinner and throughout the Summit.


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To illustrate the mission of HOPE International, Peter told a story about a client who could significantly advance her business by saving up for a sewing machine. Without access to capital, it would take her 25 years to save up enough money to buy it. You can watch a video clip of his presentation by clicking the image above.


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Day two of the Summit was marked by the first-ever Homes for Hope best practice sessions, geared to  specifically address advancing the work of Homes for Hope’s building partners.  A group of 17 committed builders and  industry experts holding an invested interest in Homes for Hope attended the Builder Summit. Those present were joined by several others via video feed, sparking important discussions and brainstorming sessions with homebuilders around the country. Builder Summit attendees aimed to identify and capitalize upon Homes for Hope’s best practices, while learning more about establishing Homes for Hope builders as industry leaders in service, quality, and excellence.


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The Builder Summit discussions revolved around five major principles that shape Homes for Hope builder best-practices: 1) light the fire, 2) get the word out, 3) engage the help, 4) get it built, and 5) get it sold. Speakers keyed their talks on applying these best practices in ways that increase and sharpen Homes for Hope’s nationwide growth. Homes for Hope Executive Director Jack Nulty opened conversation by engaging in the first principle, “Light the Fire”. Networking with consultants, increasing value through architects, and assimilating HOPE culture were among the topics Jack discussed.


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Scott Sedam of TrueNorth Development shared his experience as he highlighted the ways Homes for Hope can “Engage the Help” by increasing builder profitability, creating scarcity, and contracting multiple trades to maximize revenue. Scott also reviewed factors that impact the “Get it Built” process, explaining the risks of misleading home signage and the importance of community engagement.


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The Builder Summit concluded with enthusiastic encouragement from Bob Schultz of New Home Sales Specialists. Bob promoted ways to “Spread the Word”, touching on the ideas of “WIIFM” (What’s in it for Me?) versus “WIIFT” (What’s in it for Them?). Other practices discussed included developing builder testimonials, improving events, and handling objections. Bob summed up by looking at several practices that translate into an ability to successfully “Get it Sold”.



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In the span of two days, the Homes for Hope Summit offered eager hearts with the chance to learn alongside one another and dwell upon ways Homes for Hope can grow. Whether praying alongside hundreds of people or discussing home building practices in a more intimate setting, each moment of the Summit provided the team with inspiration to magnify and multiply the impact of Homes for Hope and HOPE International.



About the author:

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Joseph Saufley

Executive Intern, HOPE International



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