Rwanda Savings Groups | What is in your hands?

Jan 11, 2022

Last month we shared a story of how the generosity of our partners provided a hand up for Donathe, which in turn allowed her to be generous in her own community in the face of pandemic lockdowns. By the grace of God, Donathe’s story is not unique.

HOPE International’s network of church partners in Rwanda recently celebrated World Savings Day by encouraging Savings Group members to serve in their communities. Facilitators asked their Savings Group members, “What is in your hands? How can you use your own skills and gifts?” No matter the situation, each and every man, woman, and child has God-given gifts and abilities; everyone has something to contribute. When given opportunities to thrive, these Image-bearers are free to share those gifts with others.

Brick delivery

Over the course of a week in late October, teams of Savings Group members joined with church and community leaders to serve their neighbors in creative ways. Some planted saplings or donated small animals to families in need. Others provided funding for healthcare or cared for elders and children to give respite to their caretakers. Some played music in the community, singing and inviting others to join them. And still others carried bricks to repair or build houses.

Venantie, Rwanda

Venantie is one community member who benefitted from these innovative service projects. After her husband left her and her four children, Vanantie’s home fell into disrepair. Savings group members visited her and helped her work on her house. She was so grateful to see that people could really care about her and help her without expecting any payment. She had not been attending church before, but the love, grace, and care extended to her through the service of the Savings Group members brought her to church. She is now connected and growing in her faith.

Homes for HOPE celebrates the dignity of givers – who were once receivers – employing what’s in their hands to serve their communities. If you or someone you know in the building industry would like to partner with Homes for HOPE to invest in underserved families around the world for the kind of holistic flourishing we see on display in Venantie’s story, please contact Matt Baehr, Executive Director of Homes for HOPE, at or 717-719-0313.

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