Apr 17, 2020

Southern Development Homes has completed their first Homes for HOPE project! President Frank Ballif, his stellar team, and their generous trade partners built this beautiful home in Charlottesville, VA. Homes for HOPE would like to thank Southern Development Homes and their partners for helping us grow our capacity to serve an additional 10,409 families this year!

This project has generated a donation of more than $200,000! Considering these uncertain times surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, that’s more than $200,000 that could be going into the hands of the many people who worked on the home. Instead they are sacrificially, generously, and joyfully sending the money to invest in the dreams of entrepreneurs living in underserved areas around the world. When describing the Homes for HOPE process, Frank shared, “It was a great opportunity for our team and our trade partners to do something significant together. It lets everybody participate and use the skills and talents they have to give the people [HOPE serves around the world] the opportunity to develop their skills and entrepreneurial spirit, and to provide for themselves.”

Frank and his family recently went on a HOPE trip to visit our clients in the Dominican Republic. You can catch a glimpse of their experience in our newest Homes for HOPE video at this link. Homes for HOPE would like to thank Southern Development Homes for their generosity, selflessness, and strategic partnership throughout this process. It has been an honor to serve alongside them.

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