Response To Scott Sedam’s Article “Immigration Reform and Leadership Gap”

Apr 18, 2017

I recently read an article by Scott Sedam, CEO of TrueNorth Development titled Immigration Reform and Leadership Gap, and I applaud the horn that Scott Sedam is blowing on behalf of immigration reform and am thankful to call America home.

In response (and support) of Scott’s article, I wanted to share the Homes for Hope perspective on the same issue.

I too have a deep compassion and appreciation for the people who are making the difficult journey to America because I’ve seen what they’ve faced in their homeland, and I’ve traveled together with Scott to see it firsthand. It’s awful that in today’s world people suffer so much pain at the hands of others. I also believe that the best solutions are found in creating a pathway for people to flourish in their homeland but in many cases, that’s just not possible.

Recently I journeyed with Betenbough Homes and experienced modern day slavery first hand in a sugar worker town (or bateyes) in the Dominican Republic. But despite the deplorable conditions many of the Haitians we met are living in; they are now rising above their situation by starting small businesses, often funded by the American homebuilder, right there in the Bateyes where they live. Homebuilders are providing the working capital, business training, and spiritual mentorship needed to create a pathway out of this poverty through every Homes for Hope they build.

Among the 94 families that were living in the batey that we visited, there are now 45 people who have started small businesses and are earning many times more then what is earned in the sugarcane fields.

Please read and share the following article by Scott so that together we can help move the needle that helps people, and improves our amazing homebuilding industry.

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