Providence Homes Celebrates 20 Years of Partnership with Homes for HOPE

Mar 14, 2023

On March 1st – a beautiful, sunny day in Jacksonville, FL – the Homes for HOPE team had the privilege of gathering with Providence Homes’ staff and trade partners to celebrate the completion of their 7th Homes for HOPE project. They have been partnering with Homes for HOPE for 20 years, and it was such an honor to be in the room with talented entrepreneurs who have known, loved, and supported HOPE’s mission so enthusiastically for so long! 

“We love the mission of making an impact on one person, which translates to their entire family, which then translates to their entire community. We think it’s such an effective mission, and we love to support it.” – Peggy 

“One of the reasons we love to participate in this, especially with my experiences growing up as I tried to better myself and get to that next level, is that we realize it’s just so hard to get over the hump. I know these loans are really helping a lot of families get past that point. Our company has been blessed by God and I feel like, hey, we need to give back with what God has so generously given to us.” – Josh 

The donation generated by this most recent project will enable HOPE to serve over 10,000 people this year and even more beyond that as loans are repaid and sent back out as more loans in the years to come. We are so grateful for Providence Homes’ two decades of faithfulness and generosity toward the mission of Homes for HOPE. If you would like to join them and begin your own legacy of global poverty alleviation, please don’t hesitate to contact Matthew Baehr, Homes for HOPE’s executive director, at or 717-719-0313.

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