Partner Spotlight: Keystone Custom Homes 2023 Trade Partner Celebration

Apr 24, 2023

Earlier this month Keystone Custom Homes held a trade appreciation event to celebrate the resilience, perseverance, excellence, and generosity of their trade partners and suppliers over the past five years. Homes for HOPE had the privilege of attending as well and thanking those in attendance for their sacrificial support of our mission. Utilizing Keystone’s unique Virtual Homes for HOPE Project model, they have generated donations that keep increasing year over year enabling us to serve an ever-growing number of talented entrepreneurs who are living in poverty around the world! 

  • 2018 – $103,795 → 4,151 people 
  • 2019 – $132,300 → 5,292 people 
  • 2020 – $180,802 → 7,232 people 
  • 2021 – $196,300 → 7,852 people 
  • 2022 – $200,800 → 8,032 people 

It was an incredible event and we count it a privilege to serve alongside the Keystone Custom Homes team and trade partners in this work.  

Additionally, Keystone Custom Homes offers a trip to see HOPE’s work in the field as part of their employee incentive program. You can watch the stirring recap video below. There are many powerful moments in it, but I was especially struck by Rod’s quote as he reflected on some preconceived notions he had about what his family would experience on the trip…  

“You bring your children to this because you want to show them that not everyone has what we have, and you think that’s going to be a huge benefit to them. You want them to appreciate what they have. But when you come here… I think I’ll leave with a different perspective, and I hope they do too. The [men and women served by HOPE’s] dreams and our dreams are one and the same. It’s not that we have more, or they have less. The only thing they’re asking for is opportunity. The opportunity to pursue their skillset…pursue their dreams. And HOPE provided them that opportunity.” – Rod Broker 

Homes for HOPE is so grateful for our multi-layered partnership with Keystone Custom Homes. If you would like to explore how your company can design a mutually beneficial partnership with us, please don’t hesitate to contact  

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