Matt Baehr Interviewed by Roland Narinsey at New Home Sales Plus

Oct 18, 2022

This article is an edited repost of a newsletter published by Roland Nairnsey of New Home Sales Plus. We encourage you to visit their site to learn more.

We are honored to have Matt from Homes for HOPE, join us again at the Topical Retreat in November. Homes for HOPE have been providing micro-loans to deserving entrepreneurs who live in poverty from around the globe for a quarter of a century, and are in over twenty countries. They take the profits from one brand new builder’s home and give an average loan of $300 that literally transforms the recipient’s life. They have a 98% repayment rate, and this one small loan (for us maybe equal to a family day at a sports event, or a one-day pass at Disney), creates a job that then breaks the cycle of poverty for their families and their communities forever! Incredibly the proceeds from just one home serve 4,000 families globally.

Watch this touching interview and I challenge you not to blubber like me when you learn about Vincent from Rwanda, his principles, and the lives he intentionally improves on a daily basis.

This year’s Retreat theme is “Better Together”, so if your builder is interested in building a Home for HOPE, collaborating with your local trade partners, and creating a life-changing experience for both those building the homes, as well as those receiving the transformative micro-loans; then please reach out to Matt at; or chat with him at the Retreat.

Remember you can work with other builders, and also split the proceeds of a home with other charities that may be near and dear to your heart. What matters most is the legacy of lives that you will be enriching from your hard work and compassion.

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