Leah’s Story – Entrepreneurship and Community

Dec 13, 2019

Leah joined a savings group four years ago because some women from her church encouraged her to give it a try. She did, reluctantly, and began saving the minimal amount each meeting (less than $1). She used her first loan to buy sugarcane to resell and then her second loan to pay tuition for an eight week class on how to tailor clothing, which is something she had always wanted to learn but never had the funds to pay for the classes. Then she used her third loan to buy material in bulk to make clothing to resell. Her next loan was used to buy a bicycle for her husband who then started using it to run a bicycle taxi business. Her next loan was used to put a tin roof on their home and to buy some livestock.

Then last year she used a loan to buy two more sewing machines so that she could teach other women how to sew, so she’s setting others up with the capacity to make money sewing (we saw all three machines in her house). How she used her most recent loan is amazing: to pay for a borehole next to her house. They used to walk two hours to get water each day. But now, not only do they have all the water they need in their back yard, they also share it with 20 other families (about 100 people).

And even better, her husband shared how their marriage is now so much better because of the way he has learned to care for Leah. He said that he respects her as an equal, so now they solve problems together, read the Bible together, and parent their kids together.

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