Keystone Custom Homes – North Carolina Division Launches Their First Homes for HOPE Project

May 2, 2023

Keystone Custom Homes‘ newly acquired division in North Carolina (formerly Evans Coghill Homes) launched their first Homes for HOPE project on a beautiful spring day in Charlotte, North Carolina. Trade partners, suppliers, and service providers gathered in a gorgeous model home with the subtle sound of saws and hammers in the background as homes are going up quickly in the popular, developing community. After a time of connecting around a meal, division president Alan Banks along with HOPE International’s founder, Jeff Rutt and others shared the vision of leveraging the impact of the building industry to invest in the dreams of underserved families around the world.  

When Alan Banks founded Evans Coghill over two decades ago, the motivation was to do something different with home building. Beyond quality and customization, Banks wanted to establish a company that existed to promote the greater good. That “profit for purpose” mindset was one reason they joined the Keystone Custom Homes family in 2022.  

“This exciting changeover isn’t just a shift in company name or a boast about product, although both are vital to our identity…” says Banks. “It is a new chance to grow our goodwill and maintain a presence of home-building excellence for generations to come.” 

Homes for HOPE is grateful to be partnering with the North Carolina division of Keystone Custom Homes as we fight global poverty in a dignified and sustainable way. Please watch the video below to see more of Alan’s story explaining why he made the decision to join Keystone Custom Homes and launch his first Homes for HOPE project. If you or someone you know is interested in partnering with Homes for HOPE, please contact

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