Join Us In Standing Alongside Women

Mar 27, 2018

Around the world, women face poor healthcare, limited education opportunities, fragile family situations, and unequal pay. In the financial sector, too, women are disproportionately underserved. They are 9 percent less likely than men to use formal savings accounts or credit.1

That’s why we’re privileged to come alongside women with tools to fight poverty. Because research shows that women, once empowered, can impact whole economies.2

Among those we serve around the world, we see example after example of women who, despite overwhelming obstacles, are persevering in love and exercising their God-given gifts to help their families and communities flourish.

Will you join us in standing alongside them?

Through a monthly gift of $36, you can help equip 24 women to effect change in their communities this year.3


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  2. UN Women, Facts and Figures: Economic Empowerment:
  3. Based on HOPE’s average investment per client served in the HOPE Network in 2016.
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